Take in the Lighthouse picnics experience or the Dinner Theatre when you visit the nearby community of Ferryland renowned for the archeological dig of Lord Baltimore.

Further up the coast on Highway 10 visit Mistaken Point near Cape Race for an archeological experience of viewing the 1st pre human life known to man. These fossils are embedded in the rocks. There are only two places these are located in the world and Mistaken Point is one of them.

Watch the Humpback whales and other sea life from the shore or boat tour. Hear the whales cry out as they feed on the capelin. It truly is the stuff that dreams are made of.

A fresh water pond just two minutes walk from your cottage for great swimming and fishing.

View Great Island the second largest Bird Sanctuary in North America with 50 or more species of birds. This is a 10 minute boat ride from your cottage, offered locally.

Fishing, boat tours, sea kayaking, swimming pond, beautiful rocky beaches right at your doorstep; collect unique rocks, gather driftwood, and have a wiener roast on the beach. 

East coast hiking trails in immediate area taking you to the breathtaking beach, Doctor's Cove, to watch the amazing waves or rock climb to revel in the great expanse of the ocean. Further on the trail visit the ghost town of La Manche that was wiped out with a tidal wave with foundations still standing. Cross the reconstructed suspension bridge to swim in a serene hideaway pond. Then on to the Lamanche Provincial Park with a nature enthusiasts hiking trail that leads to a spectacular waterfalls.

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